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About the event

The pandemic brought us together; viral infections do not discriminate. As vaccines help us slowly gain the upper hand over the virus, will that togetherness last? Where will it leave our inclusion and diversity (I&D) initiatives? As we consider life after the pandemic, do we have the breadth of life experiences and creativity of thought to build back better? How much is I&D part of our solution?

Our afternoon session will inspire you to make sustainable and actionable changes in the I&D space. We need to focus on creating environments that foster growth, innovation and belonging – now more than ever.


The event may be photographed, videotaped, filmed and /or digitally recorded. You consent to Swiss Re's use, free of charge, of any memorialization of the event in which you may appear for any Swiss Re publication or promotional purpose.

EXPERTISE PUBLICATION ​Gender diversity in the re/insurance industry: for a sustainable future