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EEAG Report 2019

Download or order a printed copy of the "EEAG Report on the European Economy 2019" on CESifo Group Munich website.

On 20 March 2019, Swiss Re Institute hosted a conference to launch the European Economic Advisory Group’s (EEAG) most recent report “A fragmenting Europe and the rise of China". Held at our Centre for Global Dialogue in Rüschlikon, Switzerland, the event brought together over 100 participants from across Switzerland. The report was presented by a number of highly-regarded speakers including Jan-Egbert Sturm, Professor of Applied Macroeconomics and Director KOF Swiss Economic Institute, ETH Zurich, and a member of the EEAG. And the timing couldn’t have been better: with the EU currently grappling with Brexit, and Italy recently signing a Memorandum of Understanding to participate in China’s Belt and Road Initiative, the report provides highly relevant insights into the current economic environment.

In addition to hosting an annual EEAG conference, SRI is also in regular dialogue with the group’s economists throughout the year, and supports the Ifo Institute in Germany, of which the EEAG is a part. Keeping abreast of cutting-edge insights into global economic affairs such as those provided by the EEAG is an important part of SRI’s mandate, as this supports Swiss Re in making informed strategic decisions both as a company, and for our clients.