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Line of Business: Property & Casualty
Level: Intermediate
Date: 02 – 06 Sep 2019
Duration: 5 days
Location: Zurich, Switzerland

Target group
This one-week course is designed mainly for Property Underwriters who wish to gain an insight into loss prevention, risk engineering, and an introduction to a few industries. It might be suitable for brokers and client managers and in certain cases for claims specialists.

This course is not recommended for risk engineers or loss prevention specialists.

Training goals
Participants will be able to:

  • Understand the role of Risk Engineering Services: the work done by a risk engineer and which services they can offer (both to internal and external Swiss Re clients)
  • Acquire or refresh their knowledge about fire and explosion risks and exposures
  • List and classify examples of fire protection into the following 3 categories: organization, structural and technical fire protection
  • Understand the basic concept of loss estimates (MPL, PML,NLE etc.)
  • Risk Engineering considerations for specific industries (Construction, Food, Chemical, Pharma, Warehousing, Utilties)
  • Identify a few mitigation features to protect risks from natural perils, as well as experiment Swiss Re's CatNet® by doing a practical exercise
  • Understand the increasing importance of business interruption from a risk engineering perspective
  • Site Visit Risk Assessment (Assess Risk quality and LE estimate for a facility visited on the fourth day of the course) applying the knowledge gained during the course

Content / Agenda
The course starts with a short introduction to risk management (theory). In the afternoon the topic will be "the nature of fire" with the support of the Swissi (Swiss Institute of Safety and Security) the participants will get an introduction to fire, which includes several live experiments.

The second day of the course is mostly dedicated to an introduction to fire protection: organization, structural and technical fire protection. This is not a detailed technical course, so it should not be expected that standards, codes, etc. will be looked into.

A presentation about loss estimates follows. The participants will get an overview of the concept of loss estimates (the different types such as MPL, EML, etc.) with a few illustrative examples (the aim is not to calculate loss estimates or discuss internal guidelines for specific industries).

On the third day a few specialists (risk engineers) from Swiss Re Risk Engineering Services will give you an introduction to a few industries, with focus on:

  • Description of the industry itself and its main hazards;
  • Expected protection expected in the industry;
  • Hints on the types of losses which are expected in the specific industry (loss estimates).

Two very current topics will be covered on the fourth day: Nat Cat (including an introduction to GeoPortal, the Swiss Re Nat Cat tool for natural perils) and Business interruption. On the same day a specialist from the "Emerging Risk Management" will talk about "Emerging riks" (a nice break from Property).

On the last day of the seminar the group will do a short "survey" of a newspaper printing site in Zurich (morning). In the afternoon the participants will assess the risk in respect of its risk quality, calculate the loss estimates, and issue recommendations if there are any.

Contact information
If you are interested in our Client Programmes, please reach out to your respective client manager.

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