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Line of Business: Property & Casualty
Level: Intermediate
Date: 14 – 16 May 2019
Duration: 3 days
Location: Miami, USA

Target group
Given the versatility of IMS, a wide variety of target groups may be defined depending upon the training scope of the IMS course. Generally, participants hold mid-level positions in insurance companies. On occasion a company will nominate new members of the board of directors to attend an IMS course to give them a quick tutorage in insurance companies operations.

Participants should be:

  • Interested in gaining a comprehensive overview of insurance management processes
  • Willing to strengthen their knowledge of the effects of strategic and operational decisions on financial statements
  • Ready to participate in teamwork activities

A solid understanding of some insurance areas such as underwriting, claims, accounting, actuarial, investment or marketing is beneficial and recommended.

Training goals
By engaging in intense debate the IMS participants learn the comprehensive decision-making process involved in operating an insurance company. Through Swiss Re’s sophisticated insurance management simulation, members of the team will:

  • View major aspects of running an insurance company
  • Grasp the fundamentals of drafting and executing a business strategy
  • Develop and implement a wide range of strategic decisions for various business areas
  • Improve skills in analyzing and interpreting insurance financial statements
  • Understand how management decisions (including reinsurance) affect financial result
  • Predict consequences of core management decisions
  • Strengthen teamwork skills as a member of a management team
  • Explore aptitude to risk taking and making decisions quickly


Contact information
If you are interested in our Client Programmes, please reach out to your respective client manager.

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