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RAMIX got a little sister! T-RAMIX!

The Asset Management world is heavily influenced by technological transformation. A crucial factor for our industry is to attract and retain top talents. While I see talents not to be linked to age, Millennials are the future leaders. Millennials prefer collaboration over competition. In collaborative environments, this generation is encouraged to share and work together to arrive at new ideas, leading to a more adaptable, innovative and successful environment. This is what T-RAMIX (Talent RAMIX) stands for! Bringing our industry jointly forward, creating a strong network and learning from each other in a collaborative environment.

I am very excited to welcome the T-RAMIX participants to this year's roundtable. You will have the opportunity to talk to your peers in the industry, create a vision of the future and interact with heads of AM IT. What an opportunity!

Another theme of RAMIX 2018 is bringing business and technology together with design. Design is an important problem-solving tool and it's also capable of ensuring powerful market differentiation, so let's discuss how this is applicable to us!

Looking forward to seeing you in November.


Matthias Gebhardt