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The financial services industry as a whole lags behind others sectors when it comes to innovation: only four financial services firms made it on BCG's top 50 list of 2019 Most Innovative Companies, with the highest far off the top on position 20.

Today, innovation can come from everywhere and cross-industry collaboration as well as partnerships with academia and incubators are the new normal. As a result, managing the ecosystem has become more important than ever. We will trigger a debate on that matter including leaders in the field from Academia, VCs/Accelerators, Start-ups and Incumbents - so that you will be left with your own, fresh perspective.

Derived from the focus topic our T(alent)-RAMIX participants will specifically discuss how big corporates can attract and retain talents to be successful in this new environment. Placeholder invitations have already gone out to all 2018 T-RAMIX participants. Please let us know in case you would like us to amend the T-RAMIX participant list.

RAMIX's main purpose is to share and network. Speed dating is a cornerstone of the event. We shared strategic topics of your respective firms in the already known format.