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In the light of the Applied Machine Learning Days 2020, the Swiss Re Institute will address in a half-day programme topic track "MI & Resilience" the tech-capabilities needed to make the world more resilient. Imagine a world in which you can order Machine Intelligence (MI)-powered Resilience as a Service, supporting you, your organization or your network in tackling risks of any kind. The insurance industry is the ideal player to put this idea forward. AI is a key enabler in this endeavour, and hence, AMLD participants will immerse with leading Swiss Re and partner experts in the four AIs that are not talked about enough:

• Augmented intelligence: AI to boost human productivity

• Intelligent automation: Keeping humans in the loop

• Assessed intelligence: Continuous evaluation is the primary path to improvement

• Adaptive intelligence: Learning how to learn

Explore these AIs and learn how the insurance industry is applying these to better identify, assess and mitigate risks that, ultimately, make our world a safer place.

Connect with us via in case you are interested in getting involved.