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Since about 1400 years ago, the 元号 ("gengo" which means era) has symbolised the aspirations and hopes that the Japanese society has for our future. The new 令和 ("Reiwa") era is a promise to a future where we, and our younger generations can build a harmonious society that is sustainable and resilient in a constantly changing world.

Our world today is facing a growing number of complex and interconnected risks – slowing global growth, ageing population, climate and technological change, among others. Our ability to cope with and recover from shock events, as an individual, business and society, are being challenged. How do we develop strategies to overcome environmental challenges and ensure the sustainability of our business models? What can we do as individuals, to create a more inclusive society that cares for those with health issues and those who are giving care?

We are pleased to invite you to the Swiss Re Annual Forum – "Societal Resilience: A Harmony of Strength and Agility", where we explore leading strategies that contribute to building a strong, agile and resilient society.

We are honoured to have Takejiro Sueyoshi, Special Advisor to the UN Environment Programme Finance Initiative (UNEP FI), to be our keynote speaker. He will share his insights on how the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Paris Agreement will be a game changer to business and the role that re/insurance can play in strengthening our society. A member of the UNEP FI steering committee, Sueyoshi-san is a well-respected thought leader having given many educational speeches about environmental issues and CSR/SRI in various government councils, seminars, universities and schools. He is also a Director of the Japan Climate Initiative, and a Trustee member of Carbon Disclosure Project.

We are also delighted to host sessions with leading experts who will share their knowledge on the pursuit of environmental harmony, ESG frameworks for investment, and how we can work towards creating a dementia-friendly society. 

In the evening, please join us for networking cocktails, as we hope to enrich our dialogue with you and build a stronger partnership as we work together to build a stronger, agile and more resilient society.

We look forward to welcoming you to our forum.

Russell Higginbotham
CEO, Reinsurance Asia
Swiss Re

Atsuhiro Dodo
Head of Japan
Swiss Re