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On 8 September 2013, Tokyo was chosen once again as the host city of the 2020 Olympic Games. With just three years to go until the next Olympic Games, the year 2020 has become a symbolic year for Japan, with many companies marking it as the time to achieve goals set out in their mid- to long-term plans. This begs the question - What kind of world is waiting for us beyond 2020? Many changes will occur and some of these will overturn our set of values and what we see as common sense. Furthermore, to borrow the words of the American novelist Ernest Hemingway, change will likely come "gradually, then suddenly".

We are pleased to invite you to Swiss Re's "World Beyond 2020" Forum where we will look ahead to "envision the future". We will discuss how society will alter its means of communication and patterns of behaviour, how this can be empowered by technology, and by extension how the nature of insurance risk itself will change.

We are honoured to have Hiroyuki Morikawa, Professor of the University of Tokyo to be our keynote speaker. Mr. Morikawa is at the forefront of research with a goal of transforming Japan's industrial, economic and social infrastructure by designing a data driven and networked society with ICT (Information and Communication Technology). His projects cover a large spectrum, including: IoT, M2M, Big data, sensor networks, mobile and wireless systems, and social implementation such as bridge monitoring, agriculture, maintenance, and smart grids. Together with collaborators Agri Girls he will bring a vision of this interconnected future to life at our forum.

In addition, we are delighted to have experts presenting on the future impact of Genomics, Blockchain and Behavioural Economics to give further insights into the World Beyond 2020.
We hope to deepen our dialogue with you and build a stronger partnership to prepare for the future ahead.

We look forward to welcoming you to our forum.

Jayne Plunkett
CEO Reinsurance, Asia
Swiss Re

Atsuhiro Dodo
Head of Japan
Swiss Re