We are here to empower young generations and build resilient societies

Swiss Re has always had a tradition of responsible and effective contribution to society and the world we work in. The Swiss Re Foundation is making visible and tangible the social and humanitarian values of Swiss Re, co-ordinating and channelling effort and making sure its benefit reaches as far as it can.

Our vision is to build societies that are able to withstand and recover from health, environmental and economic risks that could result from events such as natural disaster, climate change, water pollution, rapid population growth and pandemic outbreak. We also support the communities in different parts of the worlds, including regions in developing countries where the protection gap is biggest.

In 2020, our Japan branch has started collaborating with Sodateage Net. With declining birth rate in Japan, the supply of labour is currently a problem. Moreover, young generations who will be leading our society in the not-too-distant future, would inevitably need to be able to work and contribute to the society. However, the support provided by the society to these young generations have not been adequate. This situation has been deteriorated even further with COVID-19. Sodateage Net, is an organisation that offers support in helping these young generations to becoming more independent. Together with Sodateage Net, Swiss Re aims to raise the resilience of talent pool in japan and to provide them a better social environment.

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