We are here to empower the community and build resilience

Swiss Re has always had a tradition of responsible and effective contribution to society and the world we work in. The Swiss Re Foundation is making visible and tangible the social and humanitarian values of Swiss Re, co-ordinating and channelling effort and making sure its benefit reaches as far as it can.

Our goal is to address social and humanitarian problems worldwide and build local capacity to face them. The issues we address are social, economic and ecological imbalances with a range of causes, including natural disaster, climate change, water, population growth and pandemic. We collaborate long-term on projects and also provide emergency aid. Finally, we carry out work locally and in Swiss Re’s communities.

In Japan, we have been working with VAN since 2015 whose main objective is to reflect the social and humanitarian values on their core business on Architect.

Together, we aim to empower vulnerable communities that were affected by disasters to become more resilient and better living environment. We are pleased to share the work which SR Foundation was utilized for good purpose.

Voluntary Architect Network (VAN)