The Marine team of Swiss Re Corporate Solutions provides innovative, tailor-made coverages to shippers, vessel owners or managers, cargo owners, logistical partners and marine service providers across the globe. Leveraging the Swiss Re Group's diversified portfolio, financial strength and underwriting expertise, our highly-skilled and experienced teams offer our customers among the highest capacity available in the marketplace, as well as unparalleled expertise on marine cargo, hull, liability and energy coverages.

From crude oil to drilling platforms to works of art, the Marine insurance experts of Swiss Re Corporate Solutions have a specific solution that suits your business needs whether in the water, on land or in the air.

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Our Marine team offers

  • Hull covers for all types of vessels that float, from large yachts to ultra-large ocean-going tankers
  • Cargo covers
  • Marine liability, including legal liabilities of professionals engaged in occupations closely related to a maritime operation
  • Marine energy covers for platforms/equipment engaged in the off-shore oil operation/exploration
  • Among the highest capacity available in the marketplace
  • Sound, technical & highly-experienced underwriting
  • Innovative, tailor-made solutions
  • Global coverage
  • Commitment to a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship