Solar Impulse 2 unveils route for Round-The-World flight

On 20 January, Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg, co-founders and pilots of Solar Impulse, along with Swiss Re Corporate Solutions and other partners revealed at a media conference in Abu Dhabi the route for the Round-The-World flight that Solar Impulse 2 will attempt. Corporate Solutions is the sole insurance provider for the project, covering the risks associated with this adventure.

The solar plane plans to land in 12 locations around the world in this first attempt to circumnavigate the globe powered only by the sun. It will take-off from Abu Dhabi in late February or early March, with stop-overs in Oman, China, the US and possibly Southern Europe before arriving back in Abu Dhabi in the summer of 2015. The mission will span approximately 25 flight days, spread over 5 months and cover approximately 35,000 kilometres at speeds between 50 - 100 km/h. For additional details, follow this link.

Ultimate phase of an adventure

The unique risks associated with this flight are technical, weather-related, but above all human - the pilots of Solar Impulse 2 must accomplish what no-one in the history of aviation has achieved so far: to fly without fuel for 5 consecutive days and nights (for example, over the Pacific) with only one pilot in an unpressurized cockpit.

Juerg Trueb, Head of Environmental and Commodity Markets, speaking at the media conference in Abu Dhabi, explained why Solar Impulse and Swiss Re Corporate Solutions are an excellent match: "Insurance plays a key role in enabling the risk-taking necessary for progress. Growth in renewable energies around the globe and the development and introduction of innovative technologies would be seriously compromised without insurance."

He added that a clear choice needs to be made in favor of clean technologies and renewable energy, if we are to mitigate climate change impact. "I am especially glad to see that Solar Impulse will make stopovers in growing and highly populated countries like China, where it is important to spread this kind of a message. It will spend time to educate about 80 million students on the importance of clean technology and renewable energies," he commented.

Watch Exploration to Change the World and learn more about the first Round-The-World Solar Flight.

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