Solar Impulse 2 completes its first flight

After lots of testing, Solar Impulse 2 took off to its first flight on the morning of Monday 2 June 2014, in Switzerland. The crew's week began early with the first briefing around 3:30am in their base in Payerne. About an hour later, Solar Impulse 2 was rolled out onto the runway. Following the last briefing, test pilot Markus Scherdel got into the cockpit and took off at 5:30am for the first time!

Various tests were run during the flight and there was no problem detected on any of the systems. Stability of the airplane was also good. After a little over 2 hours, the airplane landed safely in Payerne at 7:40am.

Overall Solar Impulse crew is very satisfied with the first flight of Solar Impulse 2, which will take the ultimate challenge of circumnavigating the world in 2015, powered only by sun. The highest altitude Solar Impulse 2 reached during its frst flight was 1'670 meters (5'500 ft) and its average ground speed 55.6 km/h (30 kt).
Here's the video with the highlights of Solar Impulse 2 first flight:

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