Swiss Re Corporate Solutions exclusive preview of Solar Impulse

Swiss Re Corporate Solutions hosted an exclusive pre-flight reception and educational event of the Solar Impulse airplane at the NASA Ames Research Center/Moffet Field in Mountain View, California. Nearly 120 guests entered the hangar to see this impressive aircraft up close and participate in an open discussion and Q&A about the plane, its development, technology innovations and sustainability mission. A professional photographer was on hand to capture photos of guests in front of the airplane as a keepsake of the event.

Bob Petrilli, Head North America, welcomed guests and discussed Swiss Re Corporate Solutions' involvement as the sole insurance provider to the project and how Solar Impulse aligns uniquely to the company's focus on climate change mitigation and sustainability. Bob also delivered our new 'Blue sky thinking. Down to earth insurance solutions.' message and encouraged guests to participate in and share their own ideas through the microsite

The presentation also included two videos, one about the founders and pilots, and another demonstrating how Solar Impulse was deconstructed in Switzerland and re-engineered in the U.S. for its Across America mission.

Victoria Dijakovich of the Solar Impulse team delivered a presentation on the aircraft’s history, its European 26-hour demonstration flight powered only by solar energy, and shared fascinating details about the plane's technological innovations.

As the event was wrapping up, guests were treated to an unexpected surprise when both founders of the Solar Impulse project, Bertrand Piccard, and Andre Borschberg, walked into the hangar and on to the small stage. As they took their microphones and took turns speaking, guests were moved by their impassioned speeches and how their pioneering spirit helped them achieve things never thought possible. At the conclusion, Mr. Piccard and Mr. Borschberg answered questions and gave guests an opportunity to take photos.


Inside Solar Impulse's Cockpit

Below you can watch a video of a call between Bertrand Piccard and Bob Petrilli during the first leg of Across America flight, from San Fransisco to Phoenix.  

Photo Gallery

Solar Impulse California Press Conference