The Round-The-World mission to resume in April 2016 from Hawaii

Solar Impulse, zero-fuel airplane on its Round-the-World (RTW) flight mission, reached Hawaii on 3 July after 5 nights and days of non-stop flight over the Pacific Ocean. Due to the damaged batteries which overheated in the record breaking oceanic flight from Nagoya to Hawaii, the solar powered airplane will stay in Hawaii until early spring 2016.

Crossing of the Pacific was the longest and most difficult leg of the RTW journey so far. At the controls of Solar Impulse 2, pilot André Borschberg landed safely in Hawaii after flying 117 hours and 52 minutes over the Pacific Ocean from Japan powered only by the sun.

During this flight, Solar Impulse has broken the world records for longest distance and duration for solar aviation, as well as the world record for the longest non-stop solo flight ever. (117: 52 hours and around 7'200 km. These world records will be ratified upon landing by the International Aeronautical Federation). The flight has pushed the plane and pilot to their limits. The levels of fatigue, stress on aircraft systems and demands on energy management have been unparalleled.

Watch a video:  "The Ultimate Sacrifice" - Flight for the Future. Pioneers in Risk", short film series produced by HISTORY Channel and Swiss Re Corporate Solutions.

Successfully accomplishing this 8th leg by remaining airborne for 5 consecutive days and nights has now proven that the airplane’s critical components perform exceptionally and that Solar Impulse’s vision of reaching unlimited endurance without fuel, using solely the power of the sun, was not only a dream: perpetual flight is a reality.

Watch a video: "How do you prepare to pilot a plane like no other?" –"Flight for the Future: Pioneers in Risk", short film series produced by HISTORY Channel and Swiss Re Corporate Solutions.

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Solar Impulse 2, the airplane capable of flying day and night without using a drop of fuel, resumed its round-the-world flight using only solar energy.

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