Come and join us at SIRC 2020. 2.- 5. November 2020

Welcome note from Russell

No one expected 2020 to turn out the way it did. While we have long anticipated a pandemic, the extent of the impact is not something we could have predicted – economies, businesses, and lives across the world have been significantly disrupted. As we move forward, we can expect to experience recession, unemployment, and see massive changes to working and living patterns.

We need to find ways to adapt to these changes and live in this "new normal" world.

Read some words of welcome from Russell Higginbotham, CEO Reinsurance Asia & Regional President, Swiss Re Asia
Read the welcome note Welcome note from Russell

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  • Fireside chat with Christian Mumenthaler, Group CEO, Swiss Re

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  • Digitalisation of insurance: The way ahead

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  • De-risking global supply chain: Strengthening resilience in a time of disruption

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  • Managing climate change: Model vs Reality

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Swiss Re at SIRC 2020

Capital and financial resilience in a post-COVID world: Strategies ahead
Opening remarks by Dr. Tony Tan, Swiss Re advisor & former President of Singapore

Highlighted topic ​Harnessing digitalisation for human impact

Russell Higginbotham, Chief Executive Officer Reinsurance Asia & Regional President Asia

Views from our Experts

  • Blog ​The role of the public sector in de-risking global supply chains

    Vincent Eck Key Account Manager Globals

  • Blog ​A USD 1 trillion opportunity in de-risking global supply chains

    Jerome Jean Haegeli Group Chief Economist

  • Blog ​What will life look like in the post-COVID-19 World?

    Russell Higginbotham Chief Executive Officer Reinsurance Asia / Regional President Asia

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Mitigating Climate Risks

Digital Transformation: The Way Ahead

Building Resilience in a Changing World

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