Richard Paul Lohse


Birth place
1902 in Zurich, Switzerland
† 1988 in Zurich, Switzerland
Works with
Worked with painting and graphic arts

The invariably perpendicular lines of Richard Paul Lohse's colour field paintings push and stretch over the canvas edge, the variously hued stripes laid out with simple mathematical logic. Paul Lohse was one of the most prominent members of the Zurich Concretes, a brigade of artists that came to prominence in the mid-1940s who included Max Bill and Camille Graeser in their number. Like that of his peers, there is no hidden meaning or discernable symbolism to Paul Lohse's vibrant, lyrical, paintings: the colour and geometric forms that characterised his practice for over fifty years were considered expressions of purity by the artist. In refusing worldly figuration Paul Lohse hoped instead that his work would be lifted to a higher plane, a place of almost utopic, spiritual, harmony.