Christopher Wool


*1955 in Chicago (Illinois), USA
Lives in
New York
Works with
Painting and prints

"Sell the house, sell the car, sell the kids" headlined in blocky uppercase stencilled letters. The 1998 text painting was Wool's abrupt, dryly satirical ode to alienation that brought his work to wide attention. All his paintings contain similar existentialist play.

Aside the text works, Wool creates monochromatic decorative patterning on canvas through, variously, rolling, spray-gunning, wiping, screen-printing and splattering paint. These exemplify the tension Wool's work has between the human-made and the mechanical, in which the author's hand is only occasionally discernable.

Recently Wool has translated this nihilistic approach (he was a member of New York's 1980s punk scene) into sculpture, in which frantic scribble-like compositions are fabricated into bronze installations.