Bernhard Luginbühl


*1929 in Bern, Switzerland
† 2011 in Langnau im Emmental, Switzerland
Worked with
Sculpture, installation, graphic art and film

An extraordinary looking vehicle is to be found parked up on a quiet street in the Swiss city of Burgdorf. Resembling a freakish combination of tractor and locomotive, it seems a fanciful vision of the future, but seen from the eighteenth century perhaps. Thick with rust it obviously hasn't moved for some time. In fact this is a sculpture by Luginbühl, installed outside a museum dedicated to the artist’s monumental constructions.

Luginbühl was among a group based in Bern who came to prominence during the 1950s promoting the use of iron in art. Typically using scrap, Luginbühl was interested in the material as a symbol of industrial modernity and how his machine-like sculptures weathered over time. His practice was varied however. Luginbühl's animal sculptures in iron are more minimal and a series of fruitful collaborations, including with Dieter Roth and Jean Tinguely, produced works of a surrealist bent.