The new 'Lake' building

Completing Swiss Re's Campus Mythenquai vision

For more than 150 years, Swiss Re has been developing continuously to maintain our leading position in the market and to offer our employees a great place to work. Our Headquarters on Zurich’s Mythenquai bear witness to this constant evolution. Since 1913, they have been expanded and modernised in step with the development of our Business.

With the 'Lake' building, which will replace the 'Mythenschloss' building on Mythenquai 20/28, we’re now embarking on the last part of our journey to complete our Campus Mythenquai vision: in 2026, all Switzerland-based Swiss Re employees will be working together in one location, enabling us to foster collaboration and knowledge exchange.

The new 'Lake' building will complete Campus Mythenquai with its attractive and inspiring workplaces right on the Zurich lakefront. Our long-term investment considers trends and developments in the way we work, and not only makes us more visible for new talents in an ever more competitive labour market. It is also a strong signal of commitment to our Headquarters location Switzerland.
Guido Fürer, Country President Switzerland

Campus Mythenquai represents a link between the past and the future, between tradition and modernity. It's a strong showcase of Swiss Re's ability to constantly renew itself, adapt to changing needs and generate fresh perspectives – while considering trends and developments of the way we work. Today, we'd like to update you on the construction process and share some background information.

In line with Swiss Re's agile work concept, the new Lake building will provide around 1050 workplaces. The design of the building allows for high flexibility and can be used as a multi-tenant building. This approach will allow us to react to future occupancy needs, considering that the way we work is constantly evolving and will further develop in future 'Lake' will feature a two-storey conference room, public restaurant (coffee bar/bistro), and various meeting rooms as well as a number of client meeting rooms. On the top floor there will be a spacious roof terrace with a leafy pergola. Lake will be connected underground to Swiss Re Next, Klubhaus and the other buildings at Campus Mythenquai.

With the completion of Campus Mythenquai, we'll further centralise our workforce in one location. This will enable us to collaborate even more closely, and bring us one step closer to truly being 'one Swiss Re'. I’m thrilled about the fact that our last building, Lake, will be completed in early 2026.
Anette Bronder, Group Chief Operating Officer


The new building is designed by Meili, Peter & Partner Architekten AG together with GFA Gruppe für Architektur GmbH. With its asymmetrical H-shape, the project is inspired by the layout of the former Mythenschloss building.

The project has four main architectural objectives:

  • sculpturally integrating the building into the lakefront at Mythenquai, which is listed (protected) by the Canton of Zurich
  • integrating the Swiss Re building series into a harmonious ensemble, forming Campus Mythenquai
  • positioning Swiss Re Next as Swiss Re's main building on the Mythenquai Campus
  • creating attractive, forward-looking, inspiring and sustainable workplaces

The construction of the façade will make the building appear like a mural despite the large number of windows. This is a deliberate contrast to Swiss Re Next.
Lake's red colour will give the building an independent character among the other impressive buildings on Mythenquai. It refers to the Altbau's tiled roof and will also create a contrast to the green-looking waved glass façade of Swiss Re Next.

This contrast underscores Next's visual presence as the main Swiss Re Headquarters building on the Mythenquai Campus. Red is a colour often used for buildings in Zurich. Nearby examples are the Deloitte building, the 'Rotes Schloss' on General-Guisan-Quai and the 'Rote Fabrik'.

Public Parking

During the planning process, Swiss Re agreed with the City of Zurich to move 157 public parking spaces at 'Hafen Enge' to the underground parking in the new building. This agreement enables the City of Zurich to move ahead with its project to refurbish and upgrade the 'Hafen Enge' promenade.

What's next?

Here's a rough project timeline:

September 2020 - January 2021

Demolition of the upper floors

January 2021 - May 2023

Demolition and new construction of basements

March 2024

Completion of shell construction ('Rohbau')

December 2025


Early 2026


Noise emissions and updates

We'll try to keep the noise level to a minimum, but noise or vibrations may occur during the demolition process and construction activities. You'll find an emission barometer for Q4/2020 here.


  • For more details, please have a look at the press briefing (in German only).

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