Lake: Interview with the two lead architects

Lake Zurich's lakefront is home to many of the city's iconic buildings and public spaces dating from the early 20th century. While the design of our new 'Lake' building is a bold expression of modernity, its red colour also harks back to this period in Zurich's history when it was not unusual to see the emergence of red-brick architecture.

The asymmetrical H-shaped layout of the Lake building will create a meeting place between the four Swiss Re buildings located on Campus Mythenquai. This will create a harmonious campus of four buildings lined upon the lakefront.

Notwithstanding its integrative function within the Campus, its prominent architecture also clearly positions Swiss Re Next as the prime Headquarters building on the Mythenquai Campus.

Learn more about the new Lake building and watch the video interview with the building's two lead architects, Detlef Schulz (GfA Gruppe für Architektur GmbH) and Markus Peter (Meili, Peter & Partner Architekten AG).