Construction project: new office building at Mythenquai 20/28

Swiss Re's construction projects at Campus Mythenquai in Zurich are on track. The renovation and expansion of the employee and guest restaurant Klubhaus is well advanced and we expect the Klubhaus to reopen in Q1/2020. Meanwhile, first preparations for the replacement of the building at Mythenquai 20/28 did just start.

In line with Swiss Re's agile working concept, the new building will provide 1000 high quality workplaces for around 1400 Swiss Re employees. It will be integrated into the urban context and will complete Swiss Re's vision of gathering all Switzerland-based employees at our Mythenquai Headquarters location. Short ways and direct passages linking all buildings will foster collaboration, knowledge exchange and flexibility.

On 16 January 2019, the Zurich communal council has approved the private design plan for the new building. This important milestone opens the way for the next step: the building permit by the city authorities.

As of 1 October 2019 we will start clearing the building and prepare for the necessary reconstruction work. We currently expect the demolition work at Mythenquai 20/28 to begin in Q1/2020 and the new building to be completed by ca. mid-2025.

Over the next months, there will already be a couple of structural measures which will mainly take place at Sternenstrasse, between Swiss Re Next and the building at Mythenquai 20/28. These are preliminary measures to prepare the construction site. Please note that some of these building activities are carried out in cooperation with the City of Zurich. Swiss Re will attempt to keep related obstructions and noise levels at a minimum wherever possible.

You´ll find a detailed overview of the planned construction activities from Swiss Re and third parties below.

Projektverfasser: Meili & Peter Architekten AG, Zürich und GFA Gruppe für Architektur GmbH, Zürich