Clearing the way for our new building

Hear from the specialist operator who's managing the high-reach demolition equipment at the Mythenquai work site. What makes his work so rewarding?

Back in September 2020, demolition work on the remaining structure of the Mythenschloss building began. We recently caught up with Tobias Kläy from Eberhard Unternehmungen, to learn more about the clearing, gutting and demolishing of the building.

Tobias' day-to-day centres around the demolition work of the building. As a seasoned operator of the high-reach demolition excavator, Tobias values how efficient the machinery is. Crushing through the concrete is made much easier with the excavator.

There's always an element of risk in his work, however. Falling debris is a danger so measures like suspending a curtain protect Tobias and his fellow workers from loose fragments. Otherwise he needs to be alert for any unknowns that demolition work may uncover.  

Watch the video to hear from Tobias about what makes his work so satisfying.