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We're smarter together: the story behind Swiss Re's brand promise

For over 150 years, it's been Swiss Re's business to enable risk-taking. Together with our clients and partners, we've helped people and businesses all over the world turn pioneering ideas into reality or getting back on track when things go wrong.

That’s how societies progress, innovate and create jobs. And that's also how societies become more resilient – as we expand re/insurance's financial safety net to more people and more businesses.

When we work together with our clients to share ideas and develop new solutions, we don't just see risks – we find opportunities that help make our clients more successful.

'We're smarter together' is our brand promise. It's a public declaration and a company-wide commitment to helping our clients succeed. It highlights Swiss Re's partnering spirit and underlines our commitment to applying our leading risk knowledge to our clients' specific situation. And it celebrates achieving success together with our clients, with results that also bring real value to society: because we make the world more resilient.

'We’re smarter together' is far more than a slogan. It's Swiss Re's promise to our stakeholders. And it's an aspiration for everyone working at Swiss Re.


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