People Strategy: Perform

We all take responsibility and hold each other accountable for results, behaviour and integrity.

Our performance management supports our aim for a high-performance culture in which our individual and team goals, as well as behaviors, are aligned to our firm’s purpose and business strategy. Our approach focuses on frequent feedback conversations to foster individual growth, real-time improvement and faster, smarter adaptation to business needs.

Our compensation framework is designed to attract, motivate and retain the qualified talent we need to succeed globally, and to create a tangible link between performance and pay. We aim to provide compensation that is competitive in local labour markets to ensure that our employees focus on delivering outstanding results while supporting appropriate and controlled risk-taking.

We are not only fostering a social dialogue with our employees by surveys, we also transparently communicate and share working conditions. A country specific working conditions summary is shared with the candidates ahead of the onboarding. The internal assigned "buddy" and our LearningOne pathway on [email protected] Re - Your Digital Onboarding, make sure that new joiners and existing employee's do have a thorough understanding of our benefit framework.

Introducing our corporate vision

Managing performance

Our performance management approach supports our aim for a high-performance culture in which our individual and team goals, as well as behaviours, are aligned to our purpose and business strategy. We want our employees to reach their potential and be fully supported in their work, which also links back to our approach to learning.

Our Leadership imperatives are fully embedded in our performance management approach, focusing both on what people achieve and how they achieve their goals. Including these behaviours in performance and feedback discussions allows for robust, forward-looking conversations, better performance differentiation and transparent pay-for-performance.