What has happened in the US over the last several days is disheartening and distressing.  The appalling incidents that have taken place in Minneapolis, Kentucky, Georgia, New York and many other areas of the country are an illustration of how far we still have to go in our journey as a country towards an inclusive society.  Heaped on top of the ongoing tragedy of the COVID-19 pandemic, these experiences are laying bare the inequalities that still exist within our society.

I am saddened by what I have seen.  Saddened that our country is divided when we should be united in helping each other.  Saddened that we remain far from social and economic justice despite the efforts of many to change that.  And saddened to know that we have colleagues who feel the pain and frustration of these shortcomings every day.

There is no room for racism, bigotry and discrimination, in any form, at Swiss Re.  We respect the dignity and equality of all of our employees.  We know that a diverse workforce makes us stronger as a company.  Our dedication to these values is only strengthened by what we have seen in the past several days.

At Swiss Re, we are committed to working on this -- by listening to each other and working to foster understanding and mutual respect.  While we cannot fix the many issues facing society immediately, we can all do our part, individually and within our communities, to make the future better than the past. 


J. Eric Smith
Regional President Americas