Working smarter together in Europe

Our clients know their business. Our job is to help them cover — and better understand — their risks. Complex risks challenge us to be more than just an insurer. We partner with our clients to work smarter together.

Smarter together in the pharmaceutical sector

A Europe-based global pharmaceutical client was about to renew the cover for its captive. Instead of a straightforward renewal, the client got cover, under a five-year agreement, for six lines of business: property damage/business interruption (PD/BI) including natural catastrophe, product liability, directors & officers (D&O), non-damage business interruption) NDBI, recall and marine cargo. 

The new cover addressed risks that are typically uninsured or heavily sub-limited in the pharma industry, such as product liability and recall. Swiss Re Corporate Solutions offers such sophisticated protection to the pharmaceutical sector so that our clients can do what they do best: improve the health of people worldwide.

Insights in engineering

A Europe-based world leading engineering conglomerate hadn't realised that it had outgrown its D&O cover limit. And due to mergers & acquisitions activities, they had underestimated their exposure to natural catastrophe risk. Our underwriters demonstrated that their D&O limits were significantly below industry benchmarks and offered to help with their property programme.  Ultimately we helped the client expand its D&O limit , where we participated with the largest part of the program's expansion, and we also participated in their property program.

The right path

There are many ways to assist clients. We work together to combine their experience with our expertise and their strengths with our skills. We're smarter together.