Advancing sustainable energy solutions

Shoring up the Energy Coast - Building climate-resilient industries along America’s Gulf Coast

19 Oct 2010

The US Gulf Coast already faces significant risk of hurricane damage. Climate change, combined with economic growth and land subsidence, could increase losses in the region by up to 65 percent over the next twenty years. As a result, affected communities could face cumulative economic damages of USD 350 billion from climate hazards by 2030, says a new study released by Entergy Corporation and supported by Swiss Re research.

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Our position and objectives

24 Mar 2010

Today, global warming is a fact. Since the beginning of industrialisation and the rapid growth of world population, man’s activities – along with natural variability – have contributed to a change of climate manifesting itself as a considerable increase in global temperature. Climate change has the potential to develop into our planet’s greatest environmental challenge of the 21st century.

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