Swiss Re joins global call for a price on carbon emissions

As the UN Climate Change Conference in Doha gets underway, Swiss Re and other global companies issue a joint proposal to encourage more private investment in the low-carbon economy.

Businesses spend billions of dollars on infrastructure and power generation projects every year to meet the world's growing energy needs. But many of these investments are made without fully considering their environmental costs or implications for our climate.

This motivated Swiss Re and 100 other corporations to sign the Carbon Price Communique. It calls on governments to introduce "a clear, transparent and unambiguous price on carbon emissions." The idea is that putting a price tag on carbon gives companies a financial incentive to invest in less carbon-intensive, more sustainable projects.

The Communique was released to the press just days before the UN climate summit in Doha, Qatar by the Prince of Wales's Corporate Leaders Group on Climate Change, a forum which brings together business leaders who share the view that new and market-based policies are urgently needed to mobilize action on climate change.

For the fourth year in a row, Swiss Re is representing the Swiss insurance industry at the UN climate talks and participating as an official member of Switzerland’s country delegation.  The Swiss government invited Swiss Re to join its climate delegation because of our long-standing experience in catastrophe risk modelling and work on climate adaptation.

Published 29 November 2012

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