Advancing sustainable energy solutions

Securing our energy supply is at the forefront of a global conversation. Swiss Re believes advancing sustainable energy solutions is an important goal for a growing population and a developing world.

Fossil fuels power our economy and our daily lives. But this has come at a price: greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs). Improving energy efficiency and developing low-carbon technologies, including renewable energy sources, are critical to reducing these emissions and securing future energy supplies.

Consumers are well aware of the dangers of GHGs and keep them in mind when they make choices about products or services. Corporations are also making strides toward improving energy efficiency.

As the demand for sustainable energy - a mix of energy-efficient and low-carbon options - grows, so will the risks associated with them.  Innovative risk transfer solutions can help reduce these risks and drive investment in the sustainable energy sector.

Swiss Re has a long-standing reputation and knowledge of sustainability. We partner with clients to give them the security needed to realize their sustainable energy projects.  In addition, we have been at the forefront of renewable energy research, using our results to help clients - and the global community - develop a secure energy supply for years to come.

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Swiss Re to build solar power plant for Americas' headquarters

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