Longevity, longer lives, ageing society

Swiss Re reports on funding longer lives

Working with clients to reach solutions for how we will fund people's longer lives is essential to Swiss Re. To find out more about this subject, you may be interested in our reports, which provide insights, debate and recommendations for tackling the major issues.

A mature market: Building a
capital market for longevity risk
Swiss Re's latest report analyses how a capital market for longevity risk might develop so that insurers, and other interested parties, can continue to provide solutions for funding people's retirement income.
A window into the future: Understanding and predicting longevity risk This publication outlines the complexities of predicting people's life expectancy and calls for more forward-looking models in order to improve assessments of the financial risk.

A short guide to longer lives: Longevity funding issues and potential solutions The key issues surrounding ageing societies and the financial solutions that may help are covered in this detailed overview.

Swiss Re Centre for Global Dialogue: Understanding the drivers of longevity The Swiss Re Centre for Global Dialogue has also produced a report as part of their Risk Dialogue Series. This gathers articles by academics and other experts, which cover many of the important aspects of longevity risk.

Meeting the complex needs of a...

We are living longer. We are having fewer children. And our society is growing older. By 2050, it's expected that almost a quarter of the world's population will be over 65.

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Ten years have passed since the global financial crisis. Global economic growth is accelerating and the recovery is broad based. This is great news and should be welcomed. The recovery, however, is anything...

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