Focusing on you: discovering the future of human longevity

More than 100 attendees from the worlds of insurance, pensions and academia joined the Swiss Re Centre for Global Dialogue's Future of Human Longevity conference 21-23 October 2012.

Titled "Focusing on you," attendees online and at the conference covered everything from consumer behaviour to health policy to personalised and translational medicine. With expertise from a wide array of disciplines – including sociology, epidemiology and social policy – speakers came from reputable organisations such as the World Health Organisation, Harvard Medical School and social media platform PatientsLikeMe.

The event centred around creating a dialogue between experts to gain a greater understanding of the future effects on longevity thanks to developments in medicine, technology and policy. Understanding these factors is vital to create a sustainable model – involving public and private bodies such as insurers – to help fund people's longer lives.

For more information, view the video below or visit the Swiss Re Centre for Global Dialogue's coverage of the event.

Published 5 November 2012

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