Liability dynamics

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Alternative Dispute Resolution does the trick

18 Dec 2012

Courts ache under their workloads across Europe. For example, 5.4 million cases are pending in Italy- not a good sign for swift repair of damage suffered by consumers or companies. But there is a remedy: Alternative Dispute Resolution.

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Resolving mass disputes in Europe: Conference insights

13 Jul 2012

A conference organised by Erasmus University, Rotterdam, on 27 June 2012, looked into emerging European responses to the challenge of mass disputes that are currently confronting EU member states. The Swiss Re-sponsored event brought together over 40 experts.

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Liability dynamics: friend or foe?

19 Apr 2012

A string of high-profile cases of defects in products manufactured in Asia underscore the potentially huge liability risk faced by businesses.

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Insights from the 5th Annual Conference on Globalization of Class Actions

24 Feb 2012

The impact of social media on mass litigation, third-party litigation, and the rise of ADR were the main topics discussed at the 5th Annual Conference on Globalization of Class Actions, sponsored in part by Swiss Re.

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