Insuring the future for Europe: Juncker's first 100 days

The priorities set by the European Commission reinforce Swiss Re's view on how the insurance industry can help insure the future for Europe.

On 8 February 2015, President Jean-Claude Juncker's new European Commission (EC) will reach 100 days in office. Often regarded as a symbolic landmark for any newly appointed senior figure, Swiss Re remains optimistic that President Juncker's strategic priorities can deliver the promise of a "new start for Europe," as set out in his political guidelines presented to the European Parliament in July 2014.

Our flyer Insuring the future for Europe: we're smarter together (see box at right) highlights areas of alignment with President Juncker's vision for a stronger, more resilient and prosperous Europe and the European Commission's 10 priorities.

Common goals for Europe

Long-term financing and specifically the need for long-term infrastructure investment to support sustainable economic growth is pivotal not only to the Commission's priority for jobs, growth and investment, but also for a European energy union and a digital single market where large scale infrastructure investment is needed.

Views are converging on the long-term investment question. European Parliament President Martin Schulz emphasized this in his December 2014 speech to the European Council. He reaffirmed the European Parliament's commitment to investment in order for "Europe to be an economic champion in the future."

The Commission's commitment to a forward-looking climate change policy is another example of alignment, particularly with Swiss Re's work on improving society's resilience to natural catastrophes and sustainability. Also, in the area of the digital single market, Swiss Re's work on emerging risks and technological development can provide valuable insights to policymakers. 

Our flyer details Swiss Re's views on these issues, as well as possible solutions that could be used to deliver the Commission's priorities.

The importance of public-private partnerships

In his Expert Spotlight video below, Jean-Jacques Henchoz, Swiss Re's EMEA Regional President and EMEA Reinsurance CEO, welcomes the clear vision shown by European officials, stressing his appreciation for the recognition that public-private partnership is the key to success.

The relevance of the insurance and reinsurance business to Europe's priorities means that there is real potential for success through constructive collaboration.

This is indeed a "new start for Europe". There is now a unique opportunity for Swiss Re, together with the wider European insurance industry, to work together with policymakers towards a stronger, more resilient and prosperous Europe.  

Download Insuring the future for Europe and watch Jean-Jacques Henchoz's video to learn more.

Expert Spotlight: Jean-Jacques Henchoz on insuring the future for Europe


Published 2 February 2015

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