Partnering for food security

World Food Day: the return of El Niño and its effect on African agriculture

15 Oct 2015

As a record breaking El Niño builds up in the Pacific, Southeast Asia has already been hit by drought. Africa will feel the weather effects next – and with it agriculture, the backbone of economies in many African countries as our latest fact sheets on Angola, Senegal and Zimbabwe highlight.

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Food safety: the new normal in a globalised world

10 Jul 2015

Two new studies highlight why food producers must adapt to the new reality of food production: Food safety in a globalised world from Swiss Re; and Food safety: International regulatory dynamics and the impact on insurance from the Centre for Global Dialogue.

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Agriculture in Nigeria: diversify growth for resilience

04 Jun 2015

Nigeria has made large strides to wean its economy from oil. But real growth in employment depends on agriculture, according to our latest fact sheet Agro insurance hotspot: Nigeria.

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Food security: important for Milan, Swiss Re, and the world

04 May 2015

As food security takes centre stage at EXPO Milan 2015, Swiss Re continues to highlight why this topic is important for resilient socieities with the new factsheet Agro insurance hotspot: Zambia.

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Water: all the difference to the Ivory Coast and Cameroon

27 Mar 2015

Too much or too little rainfall makes all the difference to farmers in the Ivory Coast and Cameroon. Our two new factsheets highlight how insurance can help farmers get back on their feet.

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Two million African smallholder farmers covered – but this is just the start

22 Jan 2015

Swiss Re exceeded its commitment to cover 1.4 million smallholder farmers in Africa by 2017. But to feed Africa and the world in future, more needs to be done.

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Drought arrives in Africa: resilient agriculture needed more than ever

13 Jan 2015

Drought is gripping parts of Sub-Saharan Africa again. This puts millions at risk in the region. The farmers of Uganda are also under threat as the data in Swiss Re's newest country fact sheet highlights.

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