Partnering for food security

Concerted action vital to kick-start agricultural insurance in Ukraine

30 Nov 2010

Ukraine’s black earth soil is the resource to feed the world tomorrow. But farmers in Ukraine still face numerous challenges, not least of which are outdated equipment, the numerous small holdings fragmenting agricultural land and restricted access to credit. Moreover, insurance penetration is very low. To unlock the sector’s full potential, all stakeholders need to cooperate in building a reliable market framework.

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Innovative weather insurance for farmers in Ethiopia is gaining momentum

17 Sep 2010

Around 85 percent of all Ethiopians depend on farming for their livelihoods. But drought regularly threatens their harvests and incomes. Climate change could make things even worse as rainfall becomes more unpredictable. To protect Ethiopia’s rural poor against rising drought risks, Swiss Re is working with Oxfam America and other partners to provide weather insurance through an innovative labour-for-premiums scheme.

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North and Northeast China : When drought threatens food security

16 Sep 2010

The population of China increases by 12-13 million people each year*. This incredible growth rate is accompanied by a national medium- to long-term objective of 100% self-sufficiency for major food crops. Understanding the impact of climate change on agricultural productivity is therefore crucial. A new study focuses on the largest potential threat to food security in China – drought. Almost every Chinese province has experienced drought loss during the last 50 years. North and Northeast China represent...

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Russia wildfires highlight need for increased insurance penetration

09 Aug 2010

For its recent report on Russian agriculture, Swiss Re asked the country’s farmers about their fears for the future. Their worst nightmare, they said, was drought and the financial consequences for their livelihoods. Recent weather events have turned these fears into bitter reality. The time has now come to think about how innovative insurance solutions can help soften such blows in the future.

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Insurance is vital to further grow Russian agriculture and to ensure financial stability of its farmers

22 Jun 2010

Russia’s farmers can sow the seeds for record harvests. But the agricultural sector needs more investment. Therefore, a more robust insurance infrastructure should be developed.

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Swiss Re organises agricultural insurance roundtable for African clients in Nairobi

17 Jun 2010

June 10/11 saw more than 40 clients and experts from the agricultural sector participate in a roundtable on (re)insurance solutions for Africa.

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Insurance solutions for managing the food crisis

23 Mar 2010

Food prices for crops like wheat or corn rose sharply in recent years, mainly as a result of the growing imbalance between supply and demand for agricultural products. While the prices have fallen from their peaks, the issue of food security and the cost of food will remain on the international agenda. The issue affects not only consumers but also the farming communities and rural economies where the crops are produced.

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