Partnering for food security

Swiss Re believes that partnering for food security is a crucial step on the path to making sure everyone has enough to eat.

Food security exists when all people, at all times, have access to sufficient and affordable food that meets their needs for an active and healthy life.

But this isn't the case for all. Despite international efforts, 870 million people are still hungry today. Soaring food prices, climate change, water and energy shortages, and the lack of adequate infrastructure can endanger our highly vulnerable global food system.

Swiss Re is one of the world's leading agricultural re/insurers, offering innovative risk transfer solutions tailored to the needs of farmers, who are an important link in the global food supply chain. Risk management instruments such as re/insurance create the financial resilience needed by farmers, banks and the agricultural industry.

We develop insurance products such as index-based solutions, which are cheaper and faster to deploy. We create incentives for buying insurance, for example by establishing insurance as collateral for production credit. And we work with farmers' groups, governments, NGOs, microfinance institutions and banks to increase access to our products and secure incomes along the agricultural value chain.

We believe in partnering for food security. Our stories show how we do it.

Food security: important for Milan, Swiss Re, and the world

As food security takes centre stage at EXPO Milan 2015, Swiss Re continues to highlight why this topic is important for resilient socieities with the new factsheet Agro insurance hotspot: Zambia.

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Water: all the difference to the Ivory Coast and Cameroon

Too much or too little rainfall makes all the difference to farmers in the Ivory Coast and Cameroon. Our two new factsheets highlight how insurance can help farmers get back on their feet.

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