Supporting financial resilience

G20 regulatory reform agenda: it's time to level out the playing field

20 Oct 2015

The G20 Antalya Summit in November is going to represent a significant step toward the completion of the global regulatory reform agenda. At an Institute of International Finance (IIF) panel discussion during the World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF) Annual Meetings from 9-11 October in Lima, financial business leaders and regulators discussed the progress made so far and the remaining policy challenges.

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Japan's debt trap: How far is too far?

07 Oct 2015

The Bank of Japan was a pioneer in the use of unconventional policies – called financial repression. Since 2001, it has applied them numerous times in a bid to boost its economy. But financial repression comes with a high cost for households and long-term investors such as insurance companies, as outlined in our new fact sheet, Japan's debt trap: How far is too far?

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The money tap continues to run, while savers continue to suffer

09 Sep 2015

An update of Swiss Re's financial repression index reveals that the use of unconventional monetary policies remains near the record high. As a result, the "invisible tax" on savers has increased.

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Sounding the alarm on financial repression

02 Jul 2015

Experts voice concerns about the ongoing use of unconventional policies

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A joint call to protect our financial system

16 Jun 2015

It is widely recognised that the extent of the latest financial crisis has warranted swift implementation of a number of extraordinary measures to mitigate a deep recession. But while much has been achieved, the economic recovery remains fragile and uneven. Nevertheless it is time to take note of the possible implications of those measures for the financial system.

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Tapping the private purse to pay for transport and water needs

04 May 2015

In Facilitating European Infrastructure Investing, published by the European Financial Services Round Table, European insurers and bankers propose ways to render infrastructure a more accessible asset class for institutional investors.

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Turn off the money tap - our economy is drowning

20 Mar 2015

Since the global financial crisis, US savers alone have lost a whopping USD 470 billion in interest rate income, net of lower debt costs. This is just one upshot of central banks' unconventional monetary policies initially enacted to manage the crisis. New Swiss Re research, and our own financial repression index, reveals the quantified costs of these actions – and proposes solutions.

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