Supporting financial resilience

Swiss Re collaborates with World Bank on infrastructure investment strategies

14 Oct 2014

According to the OECD, of the USD 80 trillion or so managed by institutional investors such as insurance companies and sovereign wealth funds, less than one percent is earmarked for infrastructure investment. The recently signed collaboration between Swiss Re and the World Bank's Global Infrastructure Facility could help to unlock more infrastructure investments – and thus contribute to growth and job creation.

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New publication from the EFR: “The Road Ahead for Financial Services in Europe”

14 Mar 2014

A publication from the European Financial Services Round Table, chaired by Swiss Re's Walter B. Kielholz, Chairman of the Board of Directors, lays out the challenges facing policymakers on the continent and offers suggestions on how to meet them.

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A big step forward for Solvency II - European Parliament approves Omnibus II

12 Mar 2014

Ratification clears way for application of Solvency II from 2016.

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Infrastructure investing. It matters.

20 Feb 2014

A joint publication by Swiss Re and the IIF highlights the importance of infrastructure growth and partnerships to fund its investment.

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