More sun and wind, and less fossil fuel – for all our sakes

The world's cities are bursting at the seams. People need housing and transport infrastructure.

For the sake of all our futures, the massive energy capacity required for this job has to come from sustainable sources. Because this doesn't come cheap, we also need the investment clout of major institutional investors. But they won't step in unless we make this investment an attractive proposition.

Building renewable energy infrastructure is desirable and doable. We just need to tackle the risks involved.

Wind turbines, solar panels and hydro-electric installations are effective ways to wean ourselves off fossil fuels and address climate change. But imagine what could happen if the wind stops blowing, the sun refuses to shine or if there are frequent droughts. We need to lower the barriers to investments, especially the ones that improve the sustainability of economic growth. For investors to commit more capital to renewable energy sources, we need to remove regulatory obstacles and mitigate the risks that could threaten the return on their investment. Insurance has a part to play here.

Supporting financial resilience

Re/insurance supports financial resilience by acting as a shock absorber and promoting growth through its core businesses. This is particularly important in a challenging and volatile macro-economic environment.

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