SONAR 2013: keeping tabs on emerging risks

The Swiss Re publication SONAR: emerging risks insights brings knowledge sharing and foresight together across stakeholders to help society and the insurance industry adapt to emerging risks.

In Swiss Re SONAR: emerging risks insights (PDF, 871 KB), we analyse the shifting risk landscape and examine how certain risks could impact the insurance industry in the future.  Aimed at external stakeholders, the study looks at risks such as prolonged power blackouts, cyber attacks, emerging infectious diseases and the unresolved sovereign debt crisis.

In-house risk intelligence

SONAR is our in-house system for gathering early signals of emerging risks from our employees. These notions are then scanned and prioritised. Swiss Re's Emerging Risk professionals derive and develop their insights from a variety of sources of which SONAR is the most important.

Multiple sources

Other sources include think tanks, universities and institutions such as the World Economic Forum. Our experts also collaborate closely with fellow risk managers across the insurance industry through the CRO Forum, which promotes best practice in emerging risk management.

Foresight is key

The earlier the insurance industry starts adapting to emerging risks, the better prepared it will be for tomorrow's challenges. Says Swiss Re's Head of Emerging Risk Management, Reto Schneider:  "Foresight and knowledge sharing across stakeholders are essential to navigate in to a future in which change might be the only constant that remains. Our new SONAR publication is designed to facilitate this process."

Published 13 August 2013

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