Case studies since 2007

Since 2007, we have regularly highlighted one emerging risk in each edition of our Corporate Responsibility Report.

All these case studies have been based on in-depth research carried out (as part of the SONAR framework) in the respective reporting year.

2007 Electromagnetic fields
2008 Critical infrastructure
2009 Carbon nanotubes
2010 Smart grids
2011 Cyber attacks
2012 3D printing
2013 New forms of mobility
2014 Electronic cigarettes
2015 The Internet of Things (IoT)
2016 Human-induced earthquakes
2017 Antimicrobial resistance

Several of these emerging risks have subsequently gained in significance for Swiss Re's business. As we understand and define emerging risks, they may also create new business opportunities as they mature.

Two topics which have become highly relevant for our business are "Critical infrastructure" and "Cyber attacks". Click on the links below to learn more about our recent activities and initiatives:

Identifying emerging risks

Reinsurers today are operating in a risk landscape that is shifting ever more rapidly. Charting emerging risks and opportunities in a pre-emptive way is an important element of Swiss Re’s integrated...

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From emerging risk to core business:...

We first drew attention to "cyber attacks" as an emerging risk by including a case study in our 2011 Corporate Responsibility Report. At the time we focused on risks potentially created for Supervisory...

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