Play and learn: Swiss Re’s Emerging Risk Memory

At Swiss Re we constantly scan our business environment for new and changing emerging risks. As a leading global re/insurer, we are confronted with risks across the spectrum, from solar flares to changed health conditions, from currency volatility to food security.

The+two+player+modes%3A+Speedy+and+BrainyNow it‘s your turn. Swiss Re's Emerging Risk Management, together with Digitised Learning and the Swiss Re Centre for Global Dialogue, has developed the game "Emerging Risk Memory."

A simple game of matching pairs, you have the chance to find some of the leading emerging risks monitored by Swiss Re. The game has two speed modes and three levels.

Most of these risks are based on our SONAR (“systematic observation of notions associated with risk”) tool, in which different emerging risks are identified, mapped and assessed.

Good luck with the game –we hope it is not just fun, but gives an insight into a key part of our pro-active risk management.

Published 29 June 2011

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