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Integrative Risk Management - Fostering Infrastructure Resilience

Integrative Risk Management – Fostering Infrastructure Resilience is the latest publication from The Swiss Re Centre for Global Dialogue’s Risk Dialogue Series.

Resilient infrastructures are of key importance for our societies and economies

Critical infrastructure is vital for the functioning of our societies. "Intergrative Risk Management - Fostering Infrastructure Resilience" features leading authors addressing the challenges in ensuring the resilience of this infrastructure. They discuss how to mitigate risks posed to food security; telecommunications and the Internet; electricity; transport; long-term care; and the role of functioning insurance markets.

Infrastructure risks cannot be viewed in isolation

The hazards posed to any single facet of critical infrastructure cannot be understood in isolation. Integrative risk management seeks to understand  the inter-linkages between different branches of critical infrastructures.  A failure to gain a holistic picture of the risks posed to critical infrastructure can weaken societal resilience. The practice of integrative risk management is illustrated here with contributions from the governments of Switzerland and Singapore.

Insurers and insured have a financial interest in risk mitigation

Many critical infrastructure risks are covered by the insurance industry, which provides financial compensation in the face of selected risks. Improved risk mitigation, through integrative risk management approaches, can reduce losses.

Swiss Re works to improve infrastructure resilience

“Progress and success in the management of the resilience of the supply and demand of essential goods will come through research, collaboration and ongoing exchanges of experiences,” says David Cole, Swiss Re’s Chief Risk Officer.

“This publication is intended to enhance and promote these efforts.”

Download the publication (PDF, 2.23 MB) or order a hard copy from our publications page.

Published 21 June 2012

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