Global Risks Report 2010

Fundamentally, there is no new story to tell about the bewildering array of inter-related risks facing our world. What is new – and troubling – is that the linkages between them have reached unprecedented levels of intensity.

This is one of the key messages of the Global Risks Report 2010, compiled in collaboration with Swiss Re and other corporate and academic entities. Swiss Re’s contribution was supplied by the Emerging Risk Management team, Economic Research & Consulting and Issue Management & Messages.

The report concludes that if there is to be effective management of highly complex risks, there will have to be “urgent action at individual, corporate, national and supranational levels. Going back to business as usual is no longer an option.” How ambitious a goal this is has recently been demonstrated by the less than satisfactory outcome of the Copenhagen Climate Summit.

Our approach to country risk management

Our approach to helping make countries more resilient in the face of the economic costs relating to natural catastrophes and other disaster events.

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Closing the financial gap: Public-private...

New forms of public-private insurance solutions hold the key to financing disaster risks, says a new Swiss Re report. “Closing the financial gap” features some of our most innovative transactions and...

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