Managing climate and natural disaster risk

First Global Storm Surge Zones: how insights into today's risks can protect against tomorrow's hurricanes and typhoons

12 Oct 2017

Floods triggered by hurricanes and typhoons are the biggest contributor to the loss of human lives and livelihoods. Global Storm Surge Zones, a first from Swiss Re, show us where these risks actually are. The risk assessment tool helps us prepare and better insure property at risk in new ways. It marks a key development in disaster risk reduction and is very pertinent today on International Day for Disaster Reduction.

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Hurricane Andrew: The 20 miles that saved Miami

02 Aug 2017

Twenty-five years have passed since Hurricane Andrew roared ashore in Florida as a Category 5 hurricane, devastating parts of the state to become one of the defining events in the history of the US insurance industry.

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Volcanoes – potential disasters hiding in full view

21 Mar 2017

The volcanic ash clouds of the 2010 eruptions of Eyjafjallajökull in Iceland cancelled 107 000 flights, stranded 10 million passengers and cost the airline industry alone USD 1.7 billion. But what if such an ash cloud not only stops air traffic but also hits a major city? What are the economic costs of destroyed houses, businesses and infrastructure?

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