Managing climate and natural disaster risk

Blasts from the past

13 Oct 2015

Swiss Re experts delve into history to assess losses from future storms in Europe.

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Risky cities: Bangkok

14 Jul 2015

In the latest edition of its Risky cities series of publications, this time focusing on Bangkok, Swiss Re highlights the significant impact Thailand's 2011 flood had not only on thousands of individuals and dozens of companies but also on the economy and the public purse. It suggests that stronger private-public partnerships, underpinned by insurance industry expertise, could help strengthen the country's resilience should a major flood disaster happen again in the future.

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Four earthquakes in 54 days: how a New Madrid earthquake could be more of a threat than we realize

13 Jul 2015

Publication draws on historical events and current methodologies to highlight unconsidered vulnerabilities.

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Brighter prospects for a low-carbon future

08 Jul 2015

Cutting emissions and generating growth not mutually exclusive experts say.

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Vietnam's flood challenge

26 Jun 2015

With several of Vietnam's big urban centres either on major waterways or close to the coast, flood risk looms large both socially and economically. Our new publication looks at the problem and proposes ways of narrowing the protection gap.

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Why insurers care about climate change

28 May 2015

Given Swiss Re's role as an ultimate risk taker, we are uniquely exposed to the impacts of climate change. We identified climate change as an emerging risk some 20 years ago, and the concern has since evolved into an important component of the company’s long-term risk management strategy.

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Small quakes, big impact: lessons learned from Christchurch

11 May 2015

Could a small aftershock in a city not considered an earthquake hotspot trigger one of the largest insurance losses ever? We answer these questions in the publication Small quakes, big impact: lessons learned from Christchurch.

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Risky cities: Istanbul

17 Apr 2015

Swiss Re takes a close look at the potential losses in Istanbul and points to further contributions the insurance industry can make towards strengthening financial resilience.

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WEF Annual Meeting 2015 panel: closing the climate deal

26 Jan 2015

Can a global climate deal be reached by 2015? If so, how? Watch Swiss Re Group CEO Michel Liès along with former Mexico President Felipe Calderon, the UN's Christiana Figueras and other experts debate the question in the WEF debate Closing the Climate Deal.

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Low-tech ways to cope with climate risks in the Caribbean

08 Jan 2015

Swiss Re contributes expert insights to a leading publication on disaster-risk reduction and climate change adaptation

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