Managing climate and natural disaster risk

Building climate resilient cities in the US and Canada

19 Nov 2013

Swiss Re and partners spread the message of urban resilience through a series of workshops in North America.

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The IPCC report in brief

02 Oct 2013

Last week, the United Nations' Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) issued its fifth assessment of our global climate. In their latest report, the authors reconfirm that climate change is still happening and is caused by human activities, especially the burning of fossil fuels. Here's what the key findings mean for us.

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Swiss Re is recognised for its leadership on climate change

01 Oct 2013

Businesses play a key role in reducing carbon emissions and curbing climate change. Every year, companies at the forefront of this important effort are recognized by the Carbon Disclosure Programme (CDP), the world's preeminent reporting system tracking climate performance. This year, Swiss Re took one of the most prestigious positions.

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Climate Week NYC 2013: a clean revolution

25 Sep 2013

Climate Week NYC kicked off its opening event with a star-studded cast of high-profile business, government and civil society players calling for strong leadership and swift action on climate change.

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Climate Week NYC 2013: streaming live

19 Sep 2013

On the 5th anniversary of Climate Week NYC, we're joining the world's premier climate change thought leaders to discuss the transition to a low carbon and more resilient society.

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Screenshot of Andy Castaldi

Expert Spotlight: Andy Castaldi

17 Sep 2013

Urban resilience isn't just an issue for cities such as Tokyo, New York or Paris. Bustling areas in emerging markets have a stake in building resilience as well.

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Mind the risk: cities under threat from natural disasters

16 Sep 2013

The world's sprawling cities are centres of economic activity and growth. But when a natural disaster hits a densely populated area, the effects can be catastrophic. A Swiss Re study looks at the human and economic risks faced by urban communities around the globe.

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Live Twitter Q&A: Discuss urban resilience with our climate experts on 20 August

12 Aug 2013

Ahead of Climate Week NYC, which Swiss Re organizes each year in partnership with The Climate Group, Swiss Re’s David Bresch and Andreas Spiegel will hold a live Twitter Q&A on 20 August on urban resilience, discussing what it means to countries, industries and communities.

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More than bricks and mortar: how green infrastructure strengthens business resilience

21 Jun 2013

Using oyster reefs to fortify coastal sea defenses? Creating reed beds to treat industrial waste water? A new report by Swiss Re and industry partners shows that infrastructure made of natural habitats can greatly improve business resilience and offer reliable, cost-effective alternatives to cement and steel.

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Swiss Re provides expert input for New York City study

20 Jun 2013

Relying heavily on Swiss Re modeling tools, the report lists over 250 recommendations for increasing the area's resilience to natural disasters.

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China: high growth market, high growth risks

07 Jun 2013

With its large economy and over half of its manufacturing centres exposed to flood risk, China is a prime example of a flood hotspot. Learn more about the potential ripple effects in the new fact sheet Flood hotspot: focus China.

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