Risky cities: Los Angeles

According to experts, there's a strong chance a major quake will strike Los Angeles in the next three decades. As part of our Risky cities fact sheet series, we show why building urban resilience is key for the City of Angels.

The Southern California Earthquake Center says there's a 67% chance that Los Angeles will be hit by a 6.7 magnitude quake or larger by 2034. Thirty years may seem long way off, but recent tremors, such as the August 2014 Napa Valley event, remind us of the possible risk.

Los Angeles' ability to bounce back after a major natural disaster event isn't just important for the immediate region, but for the global economy as well: the city has the largest seaport in the western hemisphere.

But as we show in Risky cities: Los Angeles (PDF, 1.75 MB), it's not just about earthquakes and economics: millions in the region could be affected by river floods, storm surges and other natural perils as well.

Mobilizing resources to help communities bounce back after a disaster is crucial. Risk transfer solutions, such as indemnity or parametric insurance, can assist with covering the financial aspect. Learn how by downloading Risky cities: Los Angeles, part of our series focusing on urban resilience and what we can do to help increase it.

Published 23 September 2014

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